Our Services


State of Art warehousing facilities with all firefighting and emergency equipment.
Well trained professional staff in all our warehouses.
Dedicated and separate storage facility for hazardous cargo.
Sustainable and environment friendly disposal of all hazardous cargo.
Labelling and palletizing cargo as per customer requirement.

Supply Chain Management

MCI middle East FZE has decades of experience in bulk & containerized cargo shipping and hence can help customers and suppliers to reduce their cost of transportation. This is combined with a commitment to practice Just-In-Time service to ensure customers receive the right quantities of material in time for their production.

Regular stocking of products to fulfil customers’ immediate requirements.

Ensuring all documents complies with legal procedures and is in accordance with client requirements.

Inventory management on behalf of customers.

Providing custom clearance for customers.

We,the top chemical traders , maintain a fleet of dedicated ISO Chemical tankers, trailers and pick-up trucks that deliver our products to our customers in the UAE and other GCC countries on a daily basis. We have developed a robust partnership with our carrier to ensure timely deliveries.

to export markets outside the GCC. Our logistics team consists of highly motivated and experienced personnel who ensure all documentation and shipping needs are met in the most efficient and professional manner.

Technical Services

Our experienced and professional staff have a thorough understanding of markets and products which ensures customers and suppliers can be assisted via a broad range of technical services. Our technical experts are always on hand to assist customers with the applications, formulations and other aspects of the product that might require clarification.

We work tirelessly to develop innovative solutions to satisfy customer queries and are constantly coordinating with our suppliers to ensure customers are served in the most efficient manner possible. We provide third party inspection for our shipments and ensure that customers receive the highest quality products.

MCI middle East FZE also help customers with their alternate raw material requirements to decrease their costs and improve the performance of their final products. We assist suppliers to develop products according to market requirement and provide technical information about the end product application to optimize performance for the end user.