Sub Category Description Application Grade Packing
Pour Point Depressants (PPD) PAMA Based PPDs are long chain polymers that work over a range of temperatures to provide fluidity to the base oil. PPDs act to inhibit the crystallization and lower the pour point/flow tendency of base oil. We can offer multiple grades as per the requirements i.e cost effective solution for 15Ws, 20Ws and Mono-grade Lubricants and Sophisticated grades for 0Ws,5Ws,10Ws, Transformer Oil and Other Industrial Lubricants. We can also develop tailored products as per the structure of Base Oil. 180Kgs Steel drum
Viscosity Index Improvers (VII) Viscosity Index Improvers are high molecular weight polymers that improve the viscosityindex of oil.


They are added to the lubricants as part of the formulation to reduce thevariation of oils viscosity with temperature We can offer multiple grades depending upon the requirements, most commonly for HVI Hydraulic Oils, Multi-grade Gear Oils, ATF Dex-III, Engine Oils and Vegetable Oil Based Lubricants. 180Kgs Steel Drum


Automotive/Industrial/ Driveline. Additive Packages designed with different components to achieve the required grades. They are added to the base oil with recommended dosage to achieve API levels. We offer additive packages covering all API Standards for Petrol Engine Oils, Diesel Engine Oils, Automotive and Industrial Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, ATF, Brake Fluid, Cutting Oil. 200 Kgs Steel Drum


TBN Booster/Zinc Booster/Dispersant/Antifoam     Individual chemicals that participate in blending to achieve the required grades. They are used in independent blending or with additive packages to boost certain parameters. We offer Calcium Akyl Benzene Sulphonate, ZDDP, PIBSA, Silicone/Non-silicone based Anti-foam. 180-200 Kgs


Viscosity Modifier/Viscosity Index Improver These are polymeric molecules that are sensitive to temperature. At low temperatures, the molecule chain contracts and does not impact the fluid viscosity. At high temperatures, the chain relaxes and an increase in viscosity occurs. When used in the blending of mono-grade usually used for the cost effectiveness but when used in the blending of multi-grades, used to improve the low temperature properties. 35-40 SSI for Mono-grades.22-27 SSI for Multi-grades 25 Kgs Bag


Poly Alpha Olefins. These are 100% synthetic chemical compound, made by polymerizing alpha olefins. Used in the blending of some synthetic lubricants. PAO-4,6,8,10,40,100 165-172 Kgs Steel Drums.