TDI 80.20 Toluene Di Iso Cyanate It’s principally used for the foam manufacturers UAE/KSA of Polyurethane flexible foams for the furniture & automotive industries . South Korea ,India ,Japan 250 kgs
MDI Diphenyl Methane Di Iso Cyanate Generally used in manufacturing hardnand semi hard for polyurethane foam suppliers in UAE/KSA . South Korea ,Europe ,Japan 250 kgs


Pre Polymer MDI Foam Binder It’s low functional pre polymer based on monomeric and polymeric MDI suitable for use in broad range of a flexible ,semi flexible and rebonding applications . China ,UAE 240 ,225 kgs
Modified MDI MDI for Cold cure It’s mainly used in production of hugh resilience foam . South Korea,Japan 230 kgs
Polyol Conventional Normal Polyol It’s a polyether Polyol capable of producing a braod range of slab stocks foams for automotive ,furniture and bedding applications
Polyol Polymeric 13.5% High load bearing Polyol It’s used to  produce high load bearing flexible foams . South Korea 210 Kgs
Polyol Polymeric 25% High hardness Polyol It has been found to  produce flexible foams having 40 50% higher hardness than conventional polyether polyol  based foams
Polyol Polymeric 43% Full density range of high load bearing  flexible slabstock foams . This Polyol is designed primarily for use in full densityrange of high load bearing flexible slab stock foams South Korea 210 kgs


Silicone Surfactant Stabilizing agent It’s high efficiency Silicone -Polyol block co polymer used  in production of Polyether Polyol based flexible foams . Japan 210 kgs
Stannous Octoate Gel Catalyst It’s  mostly common used gel catalyst in the production of flexible polyurethane foams . Japan 25 kg
Amine 33 Catalyst This catalyst used in manufacture of all  types of Polyurethane Foam suppliers in UAE/KSA Japan 19 kg ,20 kg
Foam hardener Enhances foam hardness Germany .South Korea 200 ,215 kgs
PU Colors Available in different shades It is used  in formulation for coloration Taiwan,South Korea 20 Kg pail
Calcium Carbonate White Powder It’s additive used to increase foam hardness Emirates 25 kg paper bag
TCPP Light Yellow transparent liquid Flame retardant for Polyurethane foamed hard plastics and unsaturated polyester resin China 250 kg drum


MATTRESS FABRIC It is used as mattress cover while manufacturing mattress China 200 meter roll
MATTRESS TAPE It is used while stitching mattress from the edges and is available in various colors China 100 meter roll
MATTRESS THREAD It is used stitching mattress China 1 kg roll
KRAFT PAPER It is used in Slab Stock Continous Foaming Machine while producing foam China 450 kg roll
FOAM SCRAP It is used in manufacturing of rebonded foam Europe, China 18MT per fcl
FOAM GLUE It is used for sticking foam to foam China 100 kg pack
MACHINE BLADES These blades are used in foam cutting machines to cut the foam block China, U.A.E. 1pc each



We can supply various kinds of machines such as : –

    1. Cutting Machines


  • Rebonded Machine


  • Quilting Machine
  • Batch Foaming Machines